Pawan Manglani

Pawan Manglani is a photographer based in Mumbai, India. He has been dabbling with a camera since the age of 10, and today has grown to specialise in food and interior photography for hospitality giants, cookbooks and packaging firms. His passion also lies in product, photo-documentary, and portrait photography, and nothing gives him more pleasure than shooting in classic black-and-white on his off days.

He studied photography from Cavendish College, London where he mastered the skill from the ground up – where everything was taught using a film camera. Going back to basics and unlearning things sharpened his sense for detail, framing and focus without relying on new-age technology. It was liberating, and it instilled within him a sense of confidence that he brings to all his work today.

His portfolio includes a variety of clients in hospitality from restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels, cookbooks, and QSR chains. Some of his Mumbai-based clients include Cream Centre, Ice Cream Works, Union Café, Otto Infinito, Faaso’s, The Yellow Chilli, The Fruit Tree, Zaffran, and Buckets & Tuckets. His eye for detail and love for food have also helped him bag packaged food clients such as Feasters Namkeen, Pesca Fresh, Vegit, Rambandhu Masala, and Kikkoman Soya Sauce. Within the sharp and focused realm of interior photography, Pawan has worked with top architects such as Ajit Shilpi and Norwegian designer Kjetil Christensen, as well as a host of diplomatic buildings such as the Sweden Consulate, First Rand Bank, and the Irish Consultate office.

Food and interior photography give Pawan an unmatched pleasure, but he occasionally also dabbles in product, jewellery, fashion and photo-documentary work that keep him on his toes and pose new challenges.

Besides Mumbai, Pawan’s repertoire also includes clients in Pune, Gujrat, Goa and USA.