Best Photography Accessories for a Comfortable Shoot

Best Photography Accessories for a Comfortable Shoot

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Whether you are just starting out with photography or have been doing this for a while, having to pick your photography gear can feel like a shot in the dark. There is so much that is available that I wish someone was there to guide me with this process back in the day.

Well, you know what they say, do for others what no one did for you, it is a vicious circle of some sort. So today, that is what I am bringing for you – the must-have photography accessories to get you started and keep you going.

We photographers love our gadgets and there’s no shortage in the plethora of options available in the market today. Here’s a list of the best accessories for photography that have been useful for me over the years:


Every photographer needs a tripod. How much you decide to spend on it, is a personal choice but you need this to stabilise your camera and therefore, it impacts the overall output. It also adds to your comfort during the shoot – avoid holding your camera for long hours or ending up with jumpy shots.

Especially when slow shutter speed, macro lens or powerful telephoto are involved.
PSA: It is definitely a great tip to take better photos.

Memory card reader:

A quick and efficient way to get your digital images on the computer is to use a memory card reader. This is extremely beneficial for high-volume photographers.
PSA: It is more convenient and fast than directly connecting your camera to the computer.


UV filters are clear filters that protect the front element of your lenses. The best part is, you can get them in different sizes for different lenses and it can be screwed on to the front of the lens. They are truly my lenses’ best friends. Yep, there I said it.

Collapsible reflector:

If you are a still photographer, get this now. I mean it Portraits, products or food shots, will never be the same again. This tool reflects light and their primary focus is to fix shadows. It doesn’t create light like a flash but simply redirects the existing light.

Memory card wallet:

You might wonder why you need this but over time, you’re going to have more than one memory card. Hence, a wallet. It keeps all your cards safe. Keeping them loose is like inviting a problem.
PSA: To make sure everything is organized – If a card is full, flip it over and if it is empty and ready to use, keep it turned up. This way you avoid all confusion.

Lens pen:

A lens pen is used to clean smudges and dust from the front element of your lens. It has two sides – one, has a felt tip with a dry carbon cleaning compound and the other a retractable soft brush. Best of both worlds and another favourite of mine. Extremely beneficial for outdoor shoots or when frequently changing lenses.

Wireless shutter release:

For a lot of photographers, this is a vital accessory to own. Useful for family portraits, night and landscape photography or any time the camera is mounted on the tripod.
PSA: The remote and the receiver are the same, no matter what kit you get. Just make sure the kit connects to your camera’s remote port.

Camera strap:

You do get the neck-straps when you purchase the bigger cameras but they’re not designed for comfort. In fact, on longer shoots, they are extremely painful. The ideal scenario is to get the weight off your neck altogether. The best way to do that is to get replaceable camera straps that support the camera and distribute the weight of it from shoulder to hip, evenly. They come in a range of designs, depending on how much support you need.

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