Instagram Photography Food trends

Instagram Photography Food trends

  • Post published:March 2, 2020
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Oh Instagram, your popularity is beyond comparison!

There is a study that claims – It took 38 years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television 13 years to earn an audience equivalent to that size. It took Instagram only 1.5 years!

The most popular social media platform requires no introduction but there are definitely a few things you can do to up your game without any additional logistics or help. Today, we want to highlight how you can do so by using your smartphones and following a few of these tips by the best professional food photographers. The aim is to optimize what you have got AKA your smartphone and make the most of it for daily content creation.

The biggest goal for food marketers is to make someone stop and stare at a food photo. Let’s face it, it is at the end of the day, a very cluttered platform with hundreds of new profiles being added every single day. So then, what can you do differently? Sometimes, keeping it real is one of the most individualistic things one can do.

The second goal for them is to create content that is re-shareable. What is shared, is often considered relatable. At this point, think about your own profile – you only share what you relate with. It is the same case with food business profiles – whether you’re a food stylist, a catering company, a restaurant and so on, and creating content in images is integral to your brand growth.

The objective of this blog is to call attention to the latest trends in food photography on Instagram so you can imbibe them to boost your social media growth, brand awareness and hence, sales. At times, due to investment costs involved or the lack of time, being able to create your own engaging content for social media should always be an option.

Here are the top Instagram food photography tips that you can experiment with and build that that social media profile –

1. The one with a view:

Good vibes and lip-smacking food, what is not to love? A trend we have seen getting fast traction – this is more than just your food plate. Whether you’re eating a macaroon in a tiny street or Artichoke pizza in NYC – this trend will let you share the where, and the how components of your trip?

Pro tip: A high-contrast image will let you display the best of both your views.

2. The one that is drool-worthy:

There is something so scrumptious about melted food – like cheese or chocolate. Imagine this overtly gooey ingredient being split apart in a mouth-watering shot. Fun Fact – Cheese has actually become a trending Instagram hashtag with over 16 million posts.

Pro tip: Sharpen the focus on your key ingredient to highlight its texture.

3. The overhead shot:

Showcase the entire spread, a gob-smacking feast is likely to turn a lot of eyes. By displaying a variety of food items, the relatability of your post is more likely to attract a wider audience. It also gives you a better opportunity to play with shapes and colors. This is traditionally called a flat lay and to take a good one, you will have to take an overhead shot of the entire table/spread.

Pro tip: Frame your shot with a slight tilt and review it so you’re sure of what you get.

4. The one with stacked ingredients:

Drool-worthy burritos, wraps and other overloaded food items have got a lot of traction on Instagram, repeatedly. Close-up shots will show every delicious detail of your chosen food item through the right positioning.

Pro tip: Brighten up the image and colour-correct to make the ingredients pop Additionally, you can also add some flavour to your posts with these trending hashtags:

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