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Is it important to Hire a Real Estate Photographer?

  • Post published:April 28, 2020
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Real estate photography is the art of clicking pictures of homes and commercial buildings for various uses. It includes the exteriors and interiors of the place.

The best photographers ensure optimisation of angles and natural light, pay close attention to details, ensure photos are uncluttered, appropriately edit photos for various uses like social media, newspaper ads and other marketing needs. Essentially, it is employed to highlight the features, lighting and the layout of the property to bring out its personality.

There are many reasons to hire a professional photographer for real estate, these include:

Online listings for homes

Times have now changed. Unlike earlier, where buyers solely depended on realtors to show them housing options, today, they are more proactive and research online as well. Additionally, it is also crucial to acknowledge that if the listing doesn’t look good, why would anyone come to see the property in person?

Real estate agents/realtors/owners looking to sell homes

Some research suggests that the difference between selling a house in weeks versus in months is choosing to hire a professional photographer. Real estate agents, realtors and owners utilise these images to further build a story and sell homes. In fact, some choose to have a photography session done to offer a unique view of the property that hasn’t been showcased before.

Architects & Interior Designers

They usually require interior photography to keep their portfolio updated. These photographs are then used for marketing purposes, sent in for award categories, shared with magazines and displayed to potential clients for more work.

Builders & Developers

More often, one flat is designed and photographed by a professional and displayed to attract more buyers. These photos are used for marketing purposes on social media, newspapers, emailers and many more to bring in more potential buyers.


For the same purpose, restaurateurs also have their properties clicked so that more customers walk in through the door on seeing the same. There are many aggregators that list these restaurants and updated pictures of the place are important to understand the ambience by the consumer so they know what to expect.


Some homeowners choose to have their home clicked when it is newly done up for their own keepsake.


Hotels commission real estate photographers on a regular basis to shoot their property. Especially rooms, for online listings. These images are mainly to highlight the physical space and facilities offered in each room. Additionally, other amenities like the pool, gymnasium, lawns, restaurants, spas, activity rooms and banquet halls are also clicked.

These are important as they are big revenue tickets for hotels in terms of mass bookings for events and weddings.

While we have highlighted the importance of hiring a real estate photographer, here are
some of the benefits of hiring one:

Importance of high-quality photos

No matter what the need, high-quality images give out the impression of a high-quality service. Thus, investing in professional photography for your real estate is an important step to cover and having a trained person do it, is only more beneficial. They will use the right settings and tools to bring about the best results.

Draw in potential buyers for quicker sales

89% of people confirm that good photography brings in the right audience. The perception and emotion displayed through the photograph help buyers better understand the synergy between their requirement and the property. Photos are a critical factor in determining sales. In fact, listings with good photos sell 32% quicker than those without.

Rule out the competition

Research suggests that high-quality photos of real estate simply draw in more attention than their counterparts. It does make sense – it is the first impression a buyer has before stepping into your property. It is important to cut through the noise in a cluttered market like real estate and one way to do that is to opt for professional photography and offer unique views of the listing as well.

With higher-priced listings, it is even more important to have a good photographer to avoid devaluing it with average representation. 9/10 buyers start their property search online and photos are what piques their interest in the home and prompt them to take the next step of physically viewing the property.

There’s no doubt that professional real estate photography is a good idea! If you’re thinking about hiring a real estate photographer, you can reach out to Pawan Manglani’s team on +91 9820320832 or [email protected].

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