Common Photography Mistakes we should always Avoid

Common Photography Mistakes we should always Avoid

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I think that we live in a time where photography has picked up as a hobby and profession more than ever before. Which is completely justifiable because as time has passed, even our smartphone cameras have developed enough to be equivalent to DSLRs.

Photography is both an art and a science. It is integral to be patient and be disciplined as you mature your talent and skill. There are certain common photography mistakes that everyone is likely to make in the beginning.

Have a look below at the top 5 common photography mistakes and how to avoid them –

Expensive/more gear = better photography

Let me say this out loud, your gear does not make you a best photographer. If you don’t know how to use that gear there’s little sense in investing in it. Rather, spend more time honing your skill as a photographer.

Real talent is when you can capture a great image with whatever equipment you have. For the same, a basic lens kit, a 50mm lens or most prime lenses will do the job across all genres.

P.S: A special mention to the megapixel game here. More megapixels do not mean better images. After a certain point, the megapixels do not matter unless you are blowing up the image into a billboard or going to shoot wide and crop a certain portion only.

Centring all your Images

Composition is a huge part of photography – it is the art of balancing an image and its natural flow. In the beginning, one is more likely to click with the subject in the middle of the image. This might make it seem unappealing and lacking in depth. Try the principle of thirds – especially to make your subject stand out in the photograph.

Practice and Plan

Having been in the industry for so long now, one thing I have to emphasize on is planning your shoot and being consistent with practising your skill. Budding photographers or experienced, everyone needs to keep at it to improve their talent and learn more about the technicality of their camera as well as composition, lighting and angles. One can even begin experimenting with the same.

Additionally, no matter the genre of photography you pursue – planning is integral to achieving growth and success. Go that extra mile, do a recce, figure if props will add more to the shoot and so on.

Blurred Images

Just sometimes, images look great in terms of color and accuracy but have that slightly blurred finish. There are many reasons for this – wrong focus point, movement of the subject or even movement of the camera during exposure. Yes, sometimes, we choose to do this for an artistic finish but sometimes, it has just ruined the image. There are ways to ensure sharper images – try using a tripod or upping the ISO and shutter speed.

Over – editing

The father of all mistakes! Processing images post a shoot to improve it in subtle ways, is great. However, often photographers forget that and incorporate too much HDR or excessive contrast which makes the photograph look unnatural.

Each photo is extremely unique and it is important to edit as per the requirement of the photo. Editing is an important part of photography but getting carried away with that tool is very easy. Try making all the changes and then reducing it by half to get a better insight.

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