Top 5 Personality Traits of Professional Photographers

Top 5 Personality Traits of Professional Photographers

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In this digital age, it might be a tad difficult to remember the art of good photography for which you require someone who has mastered the skills needed to be a photographer. Sure, today we all have the opportunity to buy an inexpensive DSLR, a few good lenses, apply a few presets & edit and share our images via websites, communities, blogs, profiles and so on. However, that doesn’t make us all photographers.

None of these tools make us “professional” in any way; the role and demand for professional photography services are very much alive even today. There is a vast difference between a professional and an amateur photographer. Let’s highlight some of them today!

Photography is a lot more than just mastering your camera or owning the latest/expensive gear. Some might even go ahead to say, it is an inherent ability – one, that brings a lot more to the table when it is driven from the inside rather than an acquired skill. The ability to see the beauty in unexpected places or being able to narrate a story using images is golden.

Let’s touch upon the personality traits of what makes a professional photographer:

1. Creativity & Curiosity:

For all purposes and needs, photography is an art. It requires imagination and an extremely creative mind to see the extraordinary where most people would see the ordinary. Being able to see something and having a different perspective; being able to convey outlooks in stunning photographs.

There’s a reason professional photographer photos help you stand out – they see your product/brand and interpret it as something unique. It is integral for a photographer to have a curious mind as well – to really discover what the world looks like through their lense.

2. Patience & Commitment:

The light might not fit your needs, the model/client could have woken up on the wrong side of their bed, or when your camera isn’t being your friend… patience is a virtue! A lot of factors go into creating a good picture – a good photographer is one who can make the best of the given circumstances. Sure, every shoot is planned but sometimes, things are not in your control.

Additionally, being committed to your task in hand in favorable and unfavorable situations is absolutely essential. This, despite the camera you use, the skills you possess or genre of photography. Committing to the desired outcome and to constant self-improvement is crucial to success.

3. Passion & Courage:

What sets a good photographer apart from the rest? His passion. See this with any kind of work actually – when a person is passionate about what they’re doing, they will always shine through. The time and effort that goes into becoming a successful and good photographer, is no easy feat.

The courage to touch upon something unexpected and to always keep exploring is also an important trait to have. They will always go that extra mile, push that bit more and try to keep doing better.

4. An eye for detail:

There are primarily four key elements that contribute to a good photograph. These are – lighting, composition, storytelling and emotion. He must have a very keen eye for detail to make sure the above elements and the product are all working in harmony and not against each other. Every tiny detail must be in tandem to convey the right message.

5. Being a people’s person:

Being a professional photographer means having to work with people all the time – clients, models or even fellow photographers. Thus, it requires good people skills. To network and obtain more clients or build the current relationship, it is necessary. Also, when working with people as the subject – understanding how to interact with them to make them comfortable and give their best, depicting the right emotion is an important component of a good photograph.

I’ll wrap up with this – there is no storyteller like a photographer. Of course, one can study more, practice more and get relevant feedback to get better but like most creative pursuits, the foundation for the success of a professional photographer is largely based on internal attributes. It’s more than the skill, it is what you bring to the table and add for your clients.

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